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  • Is Richard Simmons missing? Rumours and conspiracy theories |
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There is still hope for you. In Beverly Hills, Calif.

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B-Hills is also a pretty good place to shop. Magic, right? It's easy to see why people from around the world come here to shop for bargains. There is also a spiritual component to B-Hills that I find lacking in lesser locales.

Richard Simmons Project HOPE Promo Codes & Deals

Richard Simmons runs a church here, for instance. It's around the corner from the cop station, down the block from Playboy Enterprises, a few dance steps from United Talent Agency. No membership required. Sure, it helps if you worship Simmons, the diva-god of physical fitness, who arrives in Elton John glasses before his p. This is one of those only-in-L. They all dance better than I do, even the grandmas. When rain pours down from the heavens, angels are crying.

I cry tears of joy and sometimes, tears of sadness. After all tears, comes a rainbow. I magine those words, those heartfelt words, coming from a man in tiny shorts and a bedazzled tank top.


A man with a dandelion of frizzy hair and a personality that can vault in the space of a sentence from weepy vulnerability to shrieking, swinging-from-the-chandeliers hysteria. Now make that man a multi-millionaire. Make him both a pop-culture punchline and the difference between life and death for a significant portion of America. After almost 40 years in the public eye, Simmons, 68, failed to show up to teach a class at his Beverly Hills fitness studio, Slimmons. That was on February 15, He has not been seen since. And now Missing Richard Simmons, a limited-run podcast dedicated to digging up the truth behind the disappearance, has stirred up Serial-level fascination with his story among people who had barely heard of Simmons until recently.

W hy has the plight of such a polarising figure — a cringe-inducing clown to some, a nakedly emotional saviour to others — struck such an immediate chord? Maybe because a lot of America looks at Richard Simmons and sees itself.

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Young Milton Teagle Simmons was asthmatic and, for most of high school career in New Orleans, tipped the scales at pounds. Bulimic, anorexic, you name it. And after all the the throwing up, I would starve myself.

Richard Simmons Dance Your Pants Off! (1996)

Simmons managed to summon up enough self-discipline through diet and exercise to lose lbs. Having salvaged his own health, he became evangelical about saving others who were still trapped in the binge-and-purge spiral that once claimed him victim. B ut there were hundreds of thousands of gyms and even more impassioned instructors. In and , two seismic events reshaped the USA. They were life-altering. It explicitly reinforced the connection between physical fitness and sexual desirability, and it became a new platform for a new career path.