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Reserving parking on our site is easy and reliable. Our LAX Airport Coupon Codes are applicable for $5 off off any of our regular parking rate no matter when .
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Travel Agents. Hours Request Callback. Overview Location Reviews Photos Extras. Friendly Reminder: We have recently moved to Vicksburg Ave. Lot Notices Please note, our parking lot has a height restriction of 6'6". GPS Users latitude It was a smooth service from check in to check out. Best place to park I have been using your parking facility for several years and wouldn't think of using anyone else.

A Traveler 4 out of 5 stars Rating from Customer Reviews. I fly 2 or 3 times per year and have been using this parking facility since Always a good experience. Unstressed travel The valet service provides an unstressful start to our travel that exceeds expectations for seniors. Would definitely use QuikPark LAX again I drove into the parking structure, took the ticket from the automated machine and proceeded up the levels to find a self-parking space.

After driving around for a bit I found one on level 5. I took the elevator to the ground level and there was a shuttle just about to leave so I flagged him down and I got right on. He even helped me with my luggage. Within minutes I arrived at my terminal and he again helped me with my luggage so I gave him a few dollars. On the return back, I called the number that was on my reservation paper and the phone rep dispatched a shuttle to me within minutes.

The driver helped with my luggage in and out of the shuttle. I then went to the customer service desk to show them I prepaid and they gave me 2 tickets to insert into the machine after I returned to my car in the same condition I left it. Overall, I had a great experience. No problems whatsoever. Easiest access to LAX ever! The staff was courteous, helpful and efficient.

The shuttle was on time, and because we used the valet service, our car was ready and waiting for us at the check-out office when we returned. As seniors, we also really appreciated the help we received with the baggage at every step. They make start and end of trip easy. This is the second time I used QuikPark. Parking is really easy, shuttle was immediate taking us to airport both times and pickup was a very short wait both times, staff and drivers are very friendly. They made the start and end of trip easy. Super close to LAX, shuttles are waiting for you when you arrive to take you to your terminal.

Easy, would recommend this place as we will definitely use them in the future. Great parking facility! My number 1 choice parking facility at LAX! Availability-Convenience-Fast shuttle service- Help with car problems battery Good attention at front desk. Problem solving team. Thank you..

I recommend this Airport Parking. Great parking place Only bad thing was had to park on 6th floor because they were pretty filled up. Came to the parking structure and was able to get to airport in a timely matter. When I got back we saw the shuttle and was picked up in less than 5 minutes waiting. Got to the parking structure found my car and took care of the exit process without a hitch. Highly recommended! Valet service was well worth the price! All of the staff with whom we interacted were extremely helpful, pleasant and professional. The only downside was the wait for the shuttle, and the new location is a little difficult to find.

Picked up in front of baggage claim without having to walk very far. Good value. Great location to airport, staff is friendly and quick to help. I got to the parking structure late because of LA traffic and there was a shuttle waiting so I made my plane on time. I would have rated 5 stars except for one problem on my return. My only suggestion would be to include that info on the business card they hand out. Now I will know where to meet the shuttle the next time I fly and will use QuikPark again. Very crowed.. Only roof top available My only complaint was parking lot was full and had to go to the roof.

I paid more because I wanted covered parking yet got rooftop. Guess this is just luck, but be prepared to get roof top parking. Waited over half and hour for suttle to pick us up from American. Quick and easy. The shuttle delivered us to the terminal in less than 10 minutes and on the return trip picked us up within 2 minutes of calling. Also had a credit from a previous time and called customer service and was a able to use it on my next visit with no problem. Waited 15 minutes for the shuttle to arrive.

Had to call to request s shuttle. Nice people that help a lot with a semi-flat tire and the luggage. Great friendly service. I was very pleased with the service. Everyone was very helpful. I would definitely recommend your facility to all my friends. Even though we arrived after midnight, your shuttle was there to pick us up in five minutes. And the driver was very friendly and helpful. Excellent service! I have used this facility a few times over the past two months. I love the service, the parking structure, the price.

I feel like my car is in a safe location, and I love how close we are to the airport. Easy in and easy out. The shuttle to the airport took a very long time to arrive, but I was lucky with the shuttle back. We had never used a long term parking facility, we are so pleased that we chose Quick Park. Very conveniently close to the airport, friendly attendants and drivers, but best of all the inexpensive price. We will definitely will use them again. VERY close to the airport. Great parking experience Was a great value and we were picked up quickly. Location is close to the airport.

Awful Experience! What a terrible experience! I drove arond and around, call them twice and began to panic about making my flight. It was only luck that I saw some QP vans and eventually figured it out from there. Then rushing in, the attendant told me he had to see my reservation for in advance. Running late already, I had to park and dig out the form from my luggage.

The staff there is very nice, but management? Forget it! I met others there who had similar stories!! Positive, but Though the checkout was quick, the attendant was rude. Ultimately he let us go, but not without leaving a bad taste in my mouth after an otherwise positive experience. Being a new location, a sign would have been helpful. Love the new location by the way! So close to LAX!!

They were super friendly and helpful and fast, unlike the last facility I used who was super late and not nice and even oversold and did not have parks to the point where it took me 45 minutes to find a park and almost missed flight. I was so shockingly impressed with this lot and the customer service, will be there again. Quick, easy, and reasonably priced! I have used your facility for about 5 years on La Cienega and have raved about this structure and staff and have recommended you to several friends and co-workers who now use your facility faithfully.

I even had a friend call me up last week and ask me for the name of my structure I park the car at! Once I made my reservation on Feb 4th, I printed out my voucher immediately! I went online immediately with my phone to find out what happened and received the new location address and called the facility for directional help. The man i talked to was rude and gave us incredibly bad directions. He didn't know where the Marriott hotel by LAX was apparently one block away from you and only kept saying "we are the only structure by LAX, I can see you Upon arriving back I decided to find out where exactly this location was by asking an LAX security guard.

Upon driving around after the fact, I located the structure. The only sign I could see was "parking lot F" The security guard outside of this facility notified me this was AIRPARK so I guess I know where this facility is for the future, except my future with your using your company has been damaged greatly. I called your customer service once I arrived at my gate and they were extremely unhelpful and refused to believe that my parking voucher has the incorrect address.

Apparently, It was changed in your system, but I have the printed version and original email with the OLD address. I finally got ahold of Debbie Grey and she was incredibly sweet and compassionate to try and right this wrong. You refunded me the prepaid parking amount as well as the coupon code which was nice. I appreciated that. Its incredibly unfortunate that it still had to cost me a lot more money than it needed to or was budgeted for. Your vans are not marked well enough. We waited at the shuttle stop at the airport for 35 minutes This is NOT acceptible. The driver came around 3 times and did not stop at the shuttle stop after being flagged by both my wife and I.

This is my second and last time I will use your facility. In your type of business customer service is of utmost importance. The first impression was not good because the person in the box was not helpful. After that the experience and the drivers were very helpful. Prefer to have valet. I like everything about your facility except for the long wait for the shuttle to pick me up at the airport.

The wait this last trip was 35 mintutes from the time I called for pick up. It took me an hour from the call until I got to your facility This was a very pleasant experience the nice lady at the cash register upon our exit made a big difference with her pleasant demeanor and courtesy. I will definitely recommend and use this facility again. First, they were oversold and I spent 30 minutes plus looking for a park and they said the internet oversold parks and not their fault. Then the shuttle was not there and finally 20 minutes later it came and the lady said, "well I am off work now" but the boss told her to take me so she did and cussed and fussed the whole time about customers and how they act and how she hated white folks, etc Thought that was highly unprofessional to do and very tacky.

If my flight had not been delayed, I would have missed it as I wasted an hour almost at the parking lot which is ridiculous!!! When I called for the shuttle upon my return to the airport, I was trying to ask a question to the lady who answered the phone and I guess because she could not understand me due to the background noise, she hung up the phone. For years I have parked here but the last few times have truly been unpleasant due to oversold parks and long waits for the shuttle.

The only saving grace was the manager who tried very hard to accomodate me when I dropped off my car due to the drama with not finding a park and the shuttle being late. Also, the driver on my return was very pleasant, efficient and timely. Your drivers and people at the gate are great. Good poem, eh?

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I have used your services at least three times now and will continue to do so, so the following items are not deal breakers. I think you should make this a clear option for those of us who don't own a printer and who don't like to waste paper. The entrance isn't very clear as to whether or not this is the place to go for long term parking. When riding the elevator down, it isn't clear which way to go to catch the shuttle.

The path goes toward a lobby, but that's the wrong way. The shuttle back takes too long to arrive at the airport and it is hard to tell which of the many shuttles I should take. I finally took the Holiday Inn shuttle and walked over to the parking lot. On my return, I had to called twice and waited 50 minutes for a shuttle! I should clarify that we were helped and greeted once we were at the shuttle. Our driver was awesome.

Love this place. All went super smooth and saved money. Thank you ParkRideFly :. We felt safe. I was told that the driver had already left the parking facility. We were waiting at the shuttle pick-up area. However, the shuttle driver drove by our Red "Shuttle Stop" sign without stopping. I called the facility right away and told the girl what happened.

She said she will radio the driver to ask him to circle the airport again. I called her back 5 minutes later to inquire whether the shuttle is coming around. She replied "yes". Ten minutes went by and still no shuttle. I knew something is wrong because it was already pm and the LAX was almost empty. Twenty-five minutes later we were still waiting and I called again. I was told by a male representative that the shuttle driver did not circle the airport but went back to the facility.

Finally, the shuttle showed up and there were two employees on board and no other passengers. It appears that the driver failed to return to pick us up when he failed to stop at our "Shuttle Stop" because he was joy-riding with another employee.


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It looks like the company has poor management and irresponsible employees. Getting to the airport from the parking facility was the easy part. Getting back was much more difficult and frustrating. I called the number on the card and was told the driver would be swinging around to pick me up at the designated location.

I waited 20 minutes and no shuttle; meanwhile, shuttles from various other parking facilities are picking up passengers every few minutes. I called the number again. This time I was told the driver came by but didn't see anyone. The driver was already back at the parking structure and would return to pick me up in minutes. When the shuttle finally arrived, I asked the driver how many shuttles the company had I'm the only driver. And today I'm filling in for someone. The company needs more shuttles. I will probably pay a little more to park at another facility knowing that I can get to my car within minutes of walking out of the terminal.

We called twice and finally they came and got us. We had to wait 40minutes to pick up on my return. I saw other companys shuttle every minutes. Do you think I want to use your company again? If you was me. I was left waiting for at least 45 minutes at the airport after calling for pickup. Your shuttle even passed by me after I had already called 3 times about pickup. This is the first time I have used your service. It is also the last time I will use your service.

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Driver was very pleasant and helpful. Not my first impression; I've parked there before.

For the first time in many trips I did not have to wait long for a shuttle. Typically it's mins, today just 5 mins. Hope this is a sign Will use Wally Park next time. The worst experience ever! The time between the pick ups was over 1 hour!

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According to Rachel the Supervisor , the previous pick up was at pm. I was picked up at pm and it took only 8 minutes to get to the parking facility from the airport after we were picked up. There were only 2 parties on the shuttle at the time 2 parties of 2. At pm I called the shuttle number and was told that the shuttle is at the airport picking up passengers this was not true! At pm I called again and was told the same thing.

At pm I called again and was told that the shuttle is at the Terminal 1 and will be at my Terminal 3 momentarily. At pm I called again and was told the driver should have been at my terminal already and the dispatcher will follow up with the driver because something must have happened as the driver did not have any passengers to drop off. Finally, at pm we were picked up. As I stated earlier, there was only one other couple on the shuttle besides us. When I asked the driver what happened, he told me that the second driver was on a break and he was the only one driving back and forth.

Of course that was not true because from pm until pm he never drove by the Terminal 3 where we were waiting. It appears that one driver was on his lunch break until pm and the second driver was never sent to pick us up. We waited for almost 1 hour! How do you expect to stay in business if customers are treated as crap? Calling the parking facility for pick up does not do anything because they only respond with the generic "The shuttle is at the airport already and will be picking you up shortly".

There are many choices for parking and choosing your facility was obviously a mistake! Everything went in a timely manner. Only problem this time was that we paid for covered self-parking and had to park on the roof uncovered. I have used your facility before and was happy with it. This time was the worst. We wasted a good 25 minutes just driving around trying to find a parking space people are parked any witch way along the walls because they could not find a space either. It also took 35 minutes and 3 phone calls to get picked up while we watched your competitors every other minute or so.

In short, NO I was not happy with the service I recieved this time. Hopefully it will better next time. Thank you for asking. We've parked here several times before and it's consistent with the price and service. We tried another place last time and they didn't compare to AirPark. The rooftop parking was not convenient and took too long to get to and from the car and the shuttle stop. In addition, we waited over 15 minutes for the shuttle at both drop-off and pick-up, which was not convenient either.

There was only one shuttle in use, as one driver was on dinner and would not drive. There needs to be a replacement is someone is on break! I didn't like that we had to circle forever to get to the 5th floor, but it's no big deal. There wasn't clear marking about what to do once we parked - would a shuttle come? Should we go downstairs? So we just guessed and took the elevator down and saw the shuttle there. If the shuttle hadn't been there, I might have been fairly confused.

I was disappointed with how long it took them to pick me up and the fact that they oversold parks and I had to squeeze in a wall park so very disappointed with that. It took the guy over 40 minutes to finally pick me up. The only reason I said yes to using again is the rate is reasonable and if desperate, would use again. I had some trouble finding your place but when I called to get some help a girl named Janelle was very helpful and she told the shuttle to wait for me, which I appreciated very much.

I will use your facility again. We waited for the shuttle for an 30 minutes. It seemed as though you only had one shuttle running last night. Except for the fact that the website stated the overhead height as one thing and the actual height was different, which we barely cleared, I were very satisfied with the website.


I don't fly often, but I will be using Park and Fly when I do fly. We called for the shuttle to pick up. After three calls, the shuttle came 45 minutess after the initial call. Suggestion: Get more shuttles. This is not the first time this happened with this company. It happened before and we vowed to change services, but forgot and used this company again. Lesson learned. Fast, easy and reasonable! I will absolutely use your services again! I'm a returning happy customer. I was very pleased with the service I received on the phone as our returning flight was diverted, and then cancelled overnight.

It was comforting to know that my car was in good hands for one unplanned extra day in the lot. My car battery died. The assistant informed me of the battery charger which I could use. She did receive a tip for her helping me out. I will use the service again.

Thanks John. I waited almost an hour and called twice to ask to be picked up from the Delta arrivals area at LAX. The traffic was heavy but other parking area shuttles came by the wait area numerous times while I waited. The LAX attendent at the wait area also felt I waited longer than necessary. Everyone else from my flight was gone more than half an hour before I was finally picked up and transported to the parking structure. I would give this company one more chance and would hope to have a better experience.

We were greeted by a very nice man, we a handicapped license so he directed us to the parking area which was very close. We did have to wait about 20 min for the shuttle. On the way home the shuttle was there in about 5 min. He was very nice nice but did not help much with luggage. Is it there job to handle luggage? Thanks Jackie Bodley. Had to wait 50 minutes for return pick up. Got confused trying to get to facility via frwy west to frwy north Would be good idea to alert travelers how to access your facility via this route. Also due to some irractic parking by some customers, space that on paper was avail.

We had to wait one hour after we called for our shuttle upon our return. We could have walked to the facility and back in that time. After arriving on a red-eye flight the last thing we needed was to wait another hour for our pick up. We will use a facility that has more shuttles picking up next time. I had to wait over 30 minutes to be picked up by your shuttle at the airport- after a long flight home last thing anyone would want is to wait a long time to be picked.

I saw a number of other shuttles go by 2 or 3 times in the time i waited i even called the facility 3 times just to be told eac time the deiver is on his way. That alone makes it not worth the few dollars that your prices are less than other LAX parking. Staff was very helpful and courteous. I would definitely use facility again. At least 5 other parking shuttles passed by 3 times before AirPark found their way.

I was very unhappy with your service. One thing you could do to make it better is NOT have the cashier person sleeping when people arrive. She was not helpful at all!! I will not use your service again. Economical and reliable - Thanks. Once we got to Air Park there was no one to ask any questions. We waited about ten minutes before we got help.

We found this place to be very convient.

The wait time for shuttle to and from were about 15 - 20 minutes. The price and time were great. We will use again in the future. Had to wait an extremely long time and everyone we picked up said the same. Not acceptable on any level. You stand there and see other companies go bu 3 or 4 times and nobody from Airpark LAX. At checkeout the attendant barely acknowledged us because she was so busy talking with another employee.

Location was further from the airport than I thought, but the shuttle service was excellent. When I first arrived I did not see any signs directing me to the entrance, but a shuttle arrived shortly and he told me where to enter. Hard to find pkg. We had a problem when picking up the car because the battery was dead. The girl at the gate was very helpful and friendly and I want to commend her for all her help. She was a lifesaver!! Your facility was farther away from the airport than the others I've used and on our return we waited much longer than the other companies.

However this last trip, the pick up shuttle from the airport to the parking facility took an extremely long time, which was very disappointing and irritating. I paid in advance for an assured reservation. However, when I hunted for a parking space in your disgnated area I found the one and only spot. There were two vehicles looking for that one spot. The other vehicle must have parked illegally or in an unautherized spot as many other vehicles were.

If I hadn't found that one autherized parking space, I would most likely have missed my flight. I had driven miles and expected adequate parking when I arrived. It's clear that you are over booking your parking garage. As an added note it would be helpful if the parking spaces were numbered. The wait for the shuttle was under 15 minutes and although that is not a bad timeframe it sure would have been better since we had been traveling all day to have a shorter wait to pickup our car.

Convenient and efficient. I use you in San Diego for rides to the cruise terminal. When I made this reservation according to your website, I would be using the same service. Imagine our surprise after we had waited for 15minutes for someone to come and pick us up in a van to go to San Pedro terminal, my husband went looking for someone and found a shuttle 4 stories down and no they only went to lax. By this wasted time,we had one hor to get to San pedro and no ride. A very kind black lady raced us to lax and got a prime shuttle to take us to the terminal immediately regardless of the other passengers.

We go there 20minutes before the ship sailed to coasta Rico. Coming home we waited another 20 minutes at the shuttle curb and finally had to call and wait another 15 minutes to be picked up and taken back to our car. I've always had a goog experience with you that's why I used again. Never again! Very nice staff driving the shuttles. They helped us with our luggage and told us to take our time getting on and off.

I've been a customer for a while, and there's a reason for it. Thanks, d. There are a lot of indoor parking spaces, security is pretty good, too. The waiting time is a bit long but still reasonable. Parking was difficult for individuals flying out of town. More floors should be allocated as opposed to carpoolers.

Everyone is so friendly and helpful, from the phone being answered on the first ring, knowledgeable customer service and very kind and helpful sweet bus drivers. I'm so so happy with this company and tell everyone to only go to you guys. Thanks for a very unuasual and unique company in this time of crumby service and curt unfriendly staff. You guys are the Best!!! We will always use you guys exclusively. Steve and Nancy Drake. Wait was over 20 minutes when arrived. You should define "wait long" in question 4. I waited about 15 minutes, however the airport was very busy.

We called and said that we were at terminal 4, they told us that the wait would be min, after 30 min. We had to wait 50 minutes with not enough clothes and 2 young children, we were very cold. The bus driver dropped us off and dived back to his car. Why did it take him 50 minuets to get us? Did he sleep??? The service last night was very dissapointing. I waited 45 minutes for a van and was passed by because the name of the company didn't match the invoice. I will never ever use you again. A terrible experience. Challenging to find due to the location of the buildings hiding the parking structure and no real "loud" signs.

Trip to the airport was fine. On our return we waited for 30 minutes. I had to call dispatch 3 times. I won't be using the service again. The wait for the van service to take us to LAX was confusing. There was a yellow van parked near the entrance with a driver in it who said we had to wait for the next van to arrive because he was having lunch. When the next van came he told us that we had to get on the van with the driver who was having lunch. It seemed as though no one knew who was on break or what their shift was. Area to wait to van to LAX was not safe or comfortable.

Pick up from LAX to the Parking lot was perfect. We had no wait. Price is the best. Fast and no bones! Great staff and rates! Will always use your services! Flew out christmas morning.. Cathy was very helpful,courteous, and accommadating allowing us a covered spot. This is the third time I have used your services and will continue to choose you first.

Thanks for taking care of us vets. Happy New Year. In many times, waited for a long time compared with other company shuttle unless make a call to the parking office. There were no parking spaces available on the levels that we were required to use. The parking lot was over sold!! I have used you several times and will return! On my return to LAX the elevators did not work. My car was on the fifth floor. Dan Van Dorpe. I had to wait 30 minutes for the shuttle to the airport after I parked. This is not acceptable. When I returned I was told "driver is at terminal 1, he will be at your terminal 5 very soon".

Clearly I was being lied to about his location to make me feel better. Waiting 15 minutes was not a problem, it was how I was given false information that was the problem. I use the facitliy every days and I have noticed in the last 6 months the drop off and pick up times are getting longer. My first impression was that it was hard to understand the parking attendant because he had a heavy accent and was not very professional. On our return I had to call four 4 times to get a shuttle to pick us up!

On the last call the young girl was rude and hung up on me when i was trying to ask if the bus knew where to find us.

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The last straw was when the shuttle driver a older female african american was rude, did not greet us or apologize and did not attempt to help us with our luggage! The staff was helpful and courteous. We arrived back at LAX late at night, had to wait about 20 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up.

I'm not complaining at all, I realize the parking facility is a bit of a drive from the terminal and late at night I would assume staffing is light. Driver was most helpful and kind once he arrived and there was no problem checking out even though the delay of our flight and shuttle had caused us to exceed check out time I had given.

I had to wait so long for the darn shuttle on my return trip this time I wish there were a way to text instead of having to call But everything else was fine. To be honest, I might try another service next time Very long wait for shuttle, about 30 min after calling. Otherwise a good experience. Upon our return to LAX, my husband called to have shuttle pick up. Not familiar with the airport set up we were waiting under green signs where we saw numerous shuttle stop for pick up.

After a 45 minute wait and our fifth call I asked if we may be in wrong location. Rep told me we need to be standing in red area. We were almost left after waiting a total of one hour because driver passed the first red sign and we had to run to second pick-up point. During all the phone calls 5 rep never told me proper pick up location or inquired if we may be in wrong locastion. I will never use this service again. The driver was rude and customer service rep was nonchalant after my numerous calls.

In the whole hour wait we only saw one other Air Park shuttle and it was in the center lane instead of curbside so we were unable to flag it down. Every other service was runing every two to five minutes. If ther e were a lower rating than one star, I would rate lower. The shuttle wait upon return was VERY long. In excess of 45 mins. I saw almost every other shuttle come and go 2 to 3 times in the amount I waited for one.

I found this frustrating. Everything else was fine. Thank you! We took a two week trip and our truck was in perfect condition. Definitely would use your parking again in the future!! Great staff, friendly, helpfull. Great location! Had to wait to long for shuttle on each end and did not realize how far away it was from airport. More shuuttles would be nice. Otherwise everything wasgreat, friendly drivers, quick in and out. Although we didn't receive assistance with our luggage no big deal to us , our drivers, -both to and from the airport were very friendly and happy.

I really appreciated their attitude! We waited 45 minutes to get picked up from the airport. I called and the person that answered the phone wouldn't let me get a word in. Even though we waited under the red sign at section four we gave up and walked all the way to section three where we we finally picked up. The driver then drove to section four, five etc. We thought we would try a new parking area what a headache. By the way the restroom was dirty and out of order what a treat. We have used your service at least ten times and the return pickup time is over an hour many times and many times over forty five minutes.

The phone calls to the building say they are on the way and nothing happens. Outright lying about stopping and not seeing us occurs frequently. Your operation is understaffed or the staff is lazy. These are consistent occurrences. The buses are not full when you are picked up so there is clearly something wrong. Was not fond of the idea of long term parking, but you've changed my mind. Very friendly and helpful staff, will use again. I really thought your operation was first rate. One complaint I have is when I had to change my arrival date by one day. I thought you would be able to simply add one day to the lenght of my stay.

Instead you cancelled out my original reservation and created a new one. This is 2nd time we used your facility and service, we are very happy and will keep using it whenever we travel and need to get to the airport. On our return from our trip, it took over 35 minutes and 3 phone calls to get a shuttle.

They said he was at terminal 7 then terminal 4 and he had to pick up others there were no others in the shuttle or at the lot. He never got out of his seat to assist with luggage. We are in our 60's and we had our grand daughter. The cost was good, but not being truthful was pathetic! The staff was friendly, and helpful. The parking structure was gated and safe. The drivers were quick. Neither driver coming or going helped me with my bags. I also overheard a conversations where the driver said that they have only 3 shuttles which is why it takes so long to get one when you're at the airport.

I called for a pick up when I was to the curb, and the shuttle was nearly 25 mins. Prices when up, bring them back down The graphics upon arrival could have been a little clearer about where to enter and where to go for the first time user. Overall very nice. Just as I was about to call since I hadn't seen your shuttle and I saw a few others pass by twice, my friendly driver pulled up. I don't mind waiting, because your drivers are one of the safest around.

I have been with your parking facility ever since! Pick up at return was terrible. Called at least 6 times for a ride between PM, took an hour to get on a bus, which was over loaded. The dispatcher didn't speak English that was understandable. Was told they had 2 buses running, but found the 2nd was sitting empty at the parking lot. The cashier seemed inexperienced, untrained trained or didn't care, took along time to get out of the lot with only 3 cars trying to exit.

The bus driver was very friendly and apologetic for your messed up system. The overall experience was much less than pleasant. I had suggested you place to a friend prior to this experience, but today will call them in hopes that they have NOT made a reservation. I will NOT recommend you to any friend, I talked to several people on the bus were having the same problems, so this is not an isolated case, hope they do the survey also.

Your service was great. The reservation was easy to make online. There were no problems parking, going to the airport or returning from the airport. One of the best rates around LAX and very convenient. I will be using your service again when we travel again. I reserved rooftop parking and lot was full on roof so I parked one level down. We have been using your service for many-many years. Its very unfortunate that the last two times have been very poor. The wait times have been over 45 minutes with multible calls.

This was after my husband got out of his car and start walking towards her. The facility was over booked and cars were over parked into the isles, making it very hard to get around them. Once we were checking out: the young lady gave us a price less then we had pre-paid and she never offered to give us back the difference, please advice. I would like further feed back from you on this matter. Thank you, Rhonda Bailey. We arrived very early in the morning - a bus was waiting for us. Clients should not be able to park in unmarked spots.

The ride from your place to the airport was fast and pleasant. The pick up from the airport back to your facility was awful. Too long a wait, too many vans with similar names picking everyone up in the same spot. Not enough room for the vans to pick everyone up. Would really like a refund for half. L Basche. The poor shuttle driver was unable to use the rest room because after several minutes of going back and forth looking for it, it was determined that the only key was locked inside -- you should have backups on hand.

This caused a delay for me getting to the airport and normally I wouldn't mind, but I was running late anyway. Also, this time, the shuttle picked me up at LAX within 12 minutes of my call. Previous times it was minutes. So, you've improved. Thank you.

Staff was on the phone for awhile when we arrived, sounded like a personal phone conversation. When we came back from our trip, we had to wait longer than 10 minutes, we saw more shuttles for competitors more often and quite a few at a time. We saw only the one we called and waited for. Whether you opt for self-parking or valet, we make it easy to leave your car in a secure location and get you to the airport quickly and conveniently. Our parking garage is as safe as your garage at home. Reserve your parking today!

The hotel lobby is open 24 hours a day with WiFi access and a friendly staff ready to assist you. Please be at the hotel 30 minutes before you would like to arrive at the airport, in order to ensure you make your flight. Missed flights can be a real hassle, especially if you are trying to make a connector!

Should you have any questions, please contact us at or click here Contact Us. Garage Restrictions: Our self-parking height clearance is 5. Our parking structure cannot accommodate oversized vehicles. If your vehicle is larger than For reference, these dimensions are similar to a Chevrolet Suburban. Dual wheel trucks are beyond the size limit. Join our email list and be the first to receive special offers, deals, and promotions.

Unsubscribe at any time. We do not sell, distribute or otherwise share customer data with anyone. Parking reservations can be cancelled through this website up to 48 hours before your scheduled arrival time. To cancel your reservation, login to your account and click on Reservations. Parking reservations are for airport parking only. No reservation is needed for hotel guests - arrangements will be made during check-in. All parking reservations allow for one-time entrance and exit to the garage, there are no in and out privileges with online reservations.

If you return prior to your reservation departure date, an early departure fee of two nights will be charged. Discounted LAX airport parking rates will be available via the search results based on your reservation dates. Special rates are available for reservations booked online and are not available onsite.