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Choose our Voice Unlimited plan, and you'll also get access to the Xfinity Connect app for unlimited nationwide talk and text, and more, at home and on the go on any WiFi-connected device. Use voice commands like "Xfinity Home cameras" to see who's at the front door and much more. Just say things like, "What's my WiFi username and password? Restrictions apply.

Not available in all areas. YouTube on X1 uses your Internet service and will count against any Xfinity data plan. Limited to Netflix members who are residential customers. Netflix on X1 uses your Internet service and will counts against any Xfinity data plan. Netflix streaming membership required. NBCU celebrity endorsement not implied. All networks are divisions of NBCUniversal. All Rights Reserved. Limited to home WiFi network. Xfinity WiFi hotspots included with Performance Internet and above. Limited access available to Performance Starter through 40 1 hour passes every 30 days.

Hotspots available in select locations only. The person on the other end was far less than helpful. Better than nothing, but not by much. Tried calling 2 separate reps and neither were willing to help me. We will officially be canceling Comcast. Maybe they will try to sway me when I make that phone call? I dropped Comcast TV today after being with them for long time. I called and talked to three different people about too high payment. No one of them tried to find solution, so I canceled TV and left Internet for I just cancelled mine due to promo ending… This doubled the price.

I told them i had dish and direct tv and had both of their specials in my hand. They were unwilling to negotiate at All and told me to return the equipment and get a receipt. I have nothing now but will Make another call next week to give it another round. I tried to haggle with Direct TV. I have been with them since so after 4 years I came across these sites.

The other day, I called them for another promo, they said they have nothing besides free Cinemax,Showtime, etc. The Direct TV still works even though they disconnected my services. Just called Comcast and went thru the phone tree to the discontinue service. I was told by a recording that the wait is long about 15 mins, but instead, I got a customer rep on the phone after about a minute.

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Explained to her that the bill has gone up too much and I would like to cancel. She immediately went on to say that she can check on what she can do. She at first offered to upgrade me to HD premier for about 20 bucks less than what I am paying now I have preferred plus currently. So she then offered me the same price for new customers on the HD preferred plus package. I told her I could do that and she locked in the rate for me.

Not bad for a 10 minute phone call!

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Just ask for it to be thrown in for free. Playing the Comcast price shell games is really starting to get old. On the phone with Comcast again. Called to cancel service. I explained that my bill was again too high. This rate is good for 6 months. Said a label would be sent out. Need to watch for the June bill and see if the price gets lowered as promised.

I will have to watch for my November bill and see if it goes up again and will have to call back then. We will wait and see. They would downgrade me and I would lose channels and pay less, but still pay the regular rate. I called back frustrated and asked to hear all my options to a lower bill…. But I like Xfinity, I have not had issues with them, the cable, phone or e-mail or internet. I have no issues with the services, but the bill is ridiculous. Same with the cell phone bill!!

They let me keep my phone but took it off the bill. I finally got fed up with Comcast and cancelled my cable completely last month. I have a 6 year-old that loves her Disney and Nickelodeon channels, and I love watching baseball and football. I live 20 miles from the television transmission towers, so needed the help.

Ordered Hulu Plus which unfortunately only carries a few shows I watch. I already had Netflix. And Comcast calls me about every two weeks asking me if I would be interested in getting my cable back at some very low prices. Switch to Netflix or Amazon Prime or something along those lines. They will call or mail you offers to come back.

They need you more than you need them. Your script worked for me. I called Comcast several times but they would not budge in terms of lowering my bill. I only have internet service and want to keep just internet. Not sure if it will work, but worth a shot. If you care so much about the service maybe you should consider paying for it instead of complaining about how your cable bill is so high.

Cable is a luxury and not a privilege.

Spend time with your friends and family. Its more like 10 minutes and its surely more productive than sitting on the internet for hours giving holier than thou speeches about going outside. Well, thanks, Cate. I will be sure to pass your advice on to my 86 year old, blind mother-in-law who is paying an outrageous amount for her cable television. I have utilized the online chat channel to lower my bill for years.

As you have recently cited, their online channel has really tightened their onus of retention responsibility and they no longer work to find an alternative package. Additionally, the established tactics for negotiating with their retention specialists no are no longer as effective as in the past. I asked the specialist I spoke to today about this, and insinuated in my conversation that there was, perhaps, an enterprise level policy change. He did mention that the industry is a promotional industry and that Comcast now expects to lose customers to the cyclical promotion game.

She said it would be free, nope!! They are not negotiating anymore from my recent experience. Without competition they can pretty much do as they please.

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Had some luck lowering my comcast bill this week. Didnt get anywhere with the chat agent, had to call the retention department and play sweet on the phone. I was also able to get more channels and faster Internet as part of the deal. Like others have said, they tried to upsale me. So I went online and used their chat. The original rep eventually transferred me to a Sales Specialist, who gave me the lower offer. Used your advice, got the new X1 receiver, more channels including hbo and same internet speeds. This is great if switching companies.

Hey Mr. Miller…thanks so much for your post! I just followed your instructions to the letter. I am currently paying Comcast I do own my own modem so saved on that fee, too! Thanks again, Kim. Thanks for these tips. I took the chat route to see if I could get a reduction and it took some effort but I eventually succeeded. The result was it would cost me more to get less. I just called them with no intention of getting a reduction — I finally got around to setting up the roku in the basement and decided to just get rid of the cable tv.

Would like to get cheaper internet and phone, but not sure which company can offer the speeds that comcast offer and i want to keep my email address. Funny you should say this because my comcast bill was slowly going up every month. I called and spoke to a rep.

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3 Ways to Cut Your Cable and Internet Bill

In retention. I asked if we can somehow lower my bill. I accepted the offer and had the tech install the new dvr boxes. Come 4 days later streampix was not working. Promised me that the chage would fall off in a day. More than what I originally was paying. I was so mad I could spit nails.

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After being on the phone for 10 hours and speaking to 24 reps. Finally a rep. That made me a little happier. Even though I was swallowing the 3movie channels they took away from me. So one day I called to pay my bill and I discovered that the rep. I havebeen on the phone for 4 hours and spoken to 7 reps. With no resolve. I reported a complaint to the better business bbureau. In the meantime I am waiting for a call back which I doubt they will follow through. Do not use comcast!!!

I spent almost 10 minutes just trying to get to the supervisor never did before finally googling and ending up here thank you! Just got off the phone with em…no such luck this time around. Still managed to knock ten bucks off. Not sure that was really worth the phone call, but it got my dad off my back. Worth it. Comcast has been a nightmare!! Everytime we called our internet had misteriously dropped speed and the agent had to raise it back up.

We were told it was our modem and we needed to rent one from Comcast. I called to seriously cancel service. The person talked me into a package after 2 hours of me trying to cancel my service.

How to get Comcast Internet for less

I got off the phone to find out our tv was only getting 3 channels. Called back, that department was closed, tech guy changed service back at an even higher cost, now I have to call Monday to truly cancel service. I will never use Comcast again! God help the people that choose home security with these crooks. But she was addament that I was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Well I called right back to speak with a diff rep. Still it all too expensive but some good came along for me. I saw I could have saved more on a small service revision but the wife said No! But where I failed was Comcast never took it off the bill. Comcast refunded 6 months worth.

Tired of paying almost a month we decided to call and see what could be done. First my husband called, got a rate of I said, one of the companion boxes could be basic which is now only 1.

Xfinity Bundles

Called today to try again-I just want a bill around , why is this difficult! Eventually I lost it-asked for supervisor, he transferred me to a number that just rang and never went to voice mail. Why is comcast so difficult! Uugh-had to vent here so I can move on.

I chatted online with a clueless Comcast rep. He kept asking me all these inane questions like how many TVs I have, do I play video games, what are my favorite TV channels, etc. I half expected him to start chatting about plot developments on House Of Cards or Scandal!

All I wanted to know is if I could get a price break on Triple Play and he would never answer me directly! So I ended that chat and tomorrow might try calling Comcast. I would cancel TV completely and just get internet but my antenna reception is weak and I like to watch local news. It is so sad that in most of the country you only have one choice for 50mbs internet speeds.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. We respect your privacy. Your personal information will not be sold or shared. Related Posts. Phyllis Tobin. Adrianne Todisco. Kevin Konieczny. I dropped Comcast phone service over a year ago. Thank you MajicJack — ha, ha! Stick it to da man! Tiffany Eberhart. Ned M. Liz Littlejohn. Sally Reid. Buh-bye Comcast! Comcast has no mandatory contracts.

No there is no mandatory contracts. But if you agree to contract it will lock your price in. Oh yes they do! Lori Smith. Ancient technology. Right on the money literally , speak to a retention specialist. Comcast Hater. Nice Man. And I agree with what most people say — Be Nice, it works! How do i find a local cable rep to speak to?

Sean Smith. Comcast is thieves. Sounds like great advise. The only alternative we have is Dish. Not as easy but give ita try. Debra B.